Domuni Universitas offers a complete curriculum in Philosophy:

  • Bachelor and Master degrees (Domuni Universitas)
  • Short courses (Certificates, Diplomas, and individual courses)

This flexible offer aims to adapt to our students’ motivations and needs.

Philosophy from our Perspective

Historically, Philosophy precedes Christian theology and constitutes an independent discipline in its own right. However, Theology uses many concepts forged by philosophy (starting with "Logos or Word", "person", "nature", "consubstantial", "relationship" etc.). It is stimulated by the problems of philosophy and vice versa.

Domuni’s Faculty of Philosophy offers a complete curriculum in history of philosophy and systematic philosophy, with a specific focus on metaphysics.

Our Approach

Philosophy is always linked to a historical and geographical context. Domuni’s philosophy curriculum aims to give students a wide understanding of philosophical thought, to allow them to develop their own synthesis and aim at the wisdom that the word philosophy designates.

Much is given to metaphysics, a privileged reading grid offering a global, contemplative perspective which is indispensable to the organization of thought.

But Dominican pedagogy is not just about secondary reading. Our approach requires that students confront themselves directly to the original works, of which large extracts can be found on the teaching platform.

The Bachelor’s program is divided into three academic years, the Master’s into two academic years. Each academic year can be spread over 24 months.


Degree Equivalency and Flexibility

The training in philosophy offered by Domuni University is aimed at those who wish to undertake a career in philosophy. Our training is specifically adapted to be taken up alongside other activities, compatible with other family or professional responsibilities. Degree equivalency is granted, in accordance with the Bologna agreements between European universities, taking into account prior studies and professional experience of the future student.


Degree program : Bachelor 1, 2 and 3, Master 1 and 2 (specializations)

Individual courses : over 60 Philosophy courses available individually

Master Specializations